Everest 2016 – Nice Day at 21,500′

It’s another beautiful day up here at Camp 2, where we will spend the day going for a short hike, but mostly resting and acclimating.

Today seems like a good opportunity to acknowledge some of the rest of the team that make this trip possible for us. Here at Camp 2 we’ve got a lead cook/camp manager named Dawa Geljen Sherpa, and his assistant Namgyl Sherpa. These guys have been producing amazing meals for us up here, and we leave each meal feeling slightly guilty that we couldn’t finish everything.

Dawa, Namgyl, and NaTemba and will manage Camp 2 for the entire season, so at least one of them will be here keeping an eye on camp for the next month. They are doing a great job, and we really appreciate the hard work that goes into making our world so comfortable up here at 21,500 feet.

DaOngchhu Sherpa is also here with us and will accompany the climbers for the entire trip. DaOngchhu is one of several Sherpa who have been with Mountain Trip on every Everest trip we have done since 2010. He’s also worked with our Denali program for the last 2 years and is coming back to Alaska for another Denali trip this June.

The rest of the team has been hauling loads between BC and C2 over the last week and we will do a dispatch with introductions to these guys later this week. We’ve got a staff of 10 working hard to support our expedition and we will be sure to acknowledge each of them over the next few few weeks.  These guys are amazing and they are fundamental to our ability to deliver a great experience to our climbers.


Bill Allen, Camp 2 on Mount Everest

C2 Sherpa Team

Dawa Geljen, Namgyl, and DaOngchu in Camp 2 on Mount Everest

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  1. Thinking of you guys! It was great to hear from Vanessa and Greg in the last post – we will be following you every step of the way! Sending good vibes to Camp 2

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