Everest 2016 – Vanessa Calls From BC Before Moving UP!

Our 2016 Everest Team is headed back up the mountain!

Vanessa called in from our Base Camp, where they have been eating very well (she was about to tuck into a vanilla cake), while resting and acclimatizing.  Base Camp life is a mix of resting and bustling about, preparing for the next rotation up the mountain.  Lounging around watching movies can be a great way to take some of the stress off climbers, and out team seems to be into watching episodes of the TV sitcom, 30 Rock.

The Khumbu Icefall has a reputation that deserves respect and instills no small degree of trepidation into the minds of climbers.  It is a scary place that can be negotiated without incident the vast majority of times, but has been the site of many tragedies as well.  Thinking about passing through it’s jumbled, creaking and moving blocks and towers can weigh on each team member, which is why having a comfortable Base Camp, with plenty of amenities can really help ease that tension.

Our team is doing well.  Everyone is thinking about the Icefall, but they feel confident about our plan to move through in the coldest, most frozen time of the day (night!).  They have been moving well and expect to move upwards quickly and efficiently.

Spirits are high, and everything is lining up for the team to have a great experience in one of the more incredible venues on our planet!

Here is Vanessa:

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  1. Great to hear you are making progress navigating the icefall
    Good luck on rotation #2 Thinking of you guys!
    Rachel and Ephi

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