Everest 2016 – Vanessa Checks in From Camp 2

Hey everyone it’s Vanessa from Camp 2 on April 25th.

Yesterday, we arrived and settled into camp and today we were lucky enough to have a day of rest. It’s not easy living here at 21,500′ but it’s been much more comfortable with our dinning tent and our cook who made omelettes and pancakes for breakfast and for lunch we had pizza and vegetables – I’m excited to see what’s for dinner!

Today we plan to take a very short hike around camp and tomorrow we’ll go towards the bottom of the Lhotse face. Not much brain power going on here so I’m going to save these few cells and sign off.


Vanessa Blasic, Camp 2 on Mount Everest

Everest 2016 blasics at C2

Greg and Vanessa at Camp 2 on Mount Everest

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