Phone Call From Everest Base Camp

Vanessa called in a post after the team’s first rotation up to 21,500′ on Mount Everest.  They are all back in Base Camp, having descended through the Khumbu Icefall during the wee hours of the morning and are enjoying the comforts of the (relatively) thicker air.


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  1. Vanessa,

    Great to hear your voice and sounds like all is going well! Your group has all our thoughts and prayers from your “fan club” in San Diego. Approximately, when do you go for the summit?

    Best wishes,
    Mike, Kari, Kirstyn, and Katilyn Perry

  2. Heard your phone msg, great job Vanessa, my prayers and supportare with you , your dad(Greg) Bill and others who are making this adventure. I know you can do it. Wish I could still be there making the climb with you. Say Hi to all


  3. So cool that we can hear your voice. Wow a smoothie at 21,000 feet must taste amazing! That’s so cool. Keep up the good work ya’ll!!! Sending good thoughts and energy from sea level!

  4. Vanessa-

    A few days late but it was great to hear your voice! Miss you back here in SoCal and I’ll miss you at school the next 3 days for PCA. Glad you’ve got smoothies and a heater to keep you warm!

    <3 Brooke

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