Team Jaahnavi at 14,200′, waiting for weather window to move to High Camp

Climber Jaahnavi on the June 22 Denali West Buttress Team called in with an update on their expedition and progress up the mountain, towards the highest point in North America.

Jaahnavi seems to be in high spirits and enjoying the mountain life up at camp at 14,200′, taking in the views over the Alaska Range and the numerous iconic peaks, like Mount Foraker and Mount Hunter.

She said she has been eating well courtesy of her guides, Con, Fischer and Kristin; they even had cheesecake for desert last night. Proper hydration and nutrition on Denali, especially at 14,000’ and above.

In the coming days, the team will be waiting for a clearing in the weather, which has been very snowy in the past few days, increasing the risk of avalanche, making travel more difficult and compromising visibility. A window of better, calmer weather, with little to no winds and clear skies, will be essential to move up to the High Camp on the West Buttress, at 17,200′.

The team has continued to practice essential mountaineering skills, like ascending and descending fixed lines, walking in crampons and using ice axes properly. These skills will be paramount to the team’s success and will improve Jaahnavi’s chances of reaching the summit of Denali.

Here’s the route that the team will follow from 14,000’ to High Camp, to give those back home an idea of the climbing they will face in the coming days:

14200 foot Camp 3 with Headwall and fixed lines in background

Here’s Jaahnavi!

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  1. Dear Jaahnavi

    I feel very proud of u being at the point where normal people even cannot think of seeing the beauty of nature with the naked eyes. All the Indians are waiting for your call from the roof of North America. Acacia n the complete team of K7 Adventures have wished u for your success.

    I would like to really thank the 3 Incredible guides Con, Kristin and Fischer who are really taking care of you more than We expected.

    God Bless You all the way up and Down.

    Eagerly waiting to see you

    Nana (Father)

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