Team Jaahnavi plans to move to High Camp at 17,200′

Climber Jaahnavi called in yesterday evening with an update on the Mountain Trip June 22 Denali Expedition.

The team is planning on moving up the steep headwall and fixed lines to High Camp at 17,200’ on the West Buttress Route, today (Wednesday, July 6).

Jaahnavi said that the team had a breakfast of infamous and delicious “Denali Sandwiches,” a hearty Mountain Trip culinary favorite consisting of a toasted everything bagel, cream cheese and fried sausage.

She feels confident about moving up the fixed lines and ascending the precipitious ridgeline to High Camp, and seems eager to test her mountaineering skills on one of the most technical sections of the West Buttress Route. Up above 17,000’, the climbers will be above the majority of the large peaks in the Alaska Range, and the summit of Denali that has in previous weeks been so far away, will suddenly seem quite attainable. They are well on their way to the highest point in North America!

Here’s the route the team will follow today:

14200 foot Camp 3 with Headwall and fixed lines in background

Keep your fingers crossed that they have calm, clear, sunny weather, and a successful ascent to 17,200!

Here’s Jaahnavi:

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