Team Jaahnavi moves to HIGH CAMP, 17,200′!

Mountain Trip guide Kristin Arnold called in with an update on the June 22 West Buttress Team, aka Team Jaahnavi, who spent the day yesterday moving up the steep headwall from 14,200′ to High Camp at 17,200′.

They team has been preparing for the move for the past several days, by burying a cache above 15,000′, moving supplies up to High Camp and making sure to hydrate and eat plenty of food to build up their calorie reserves.

Guides Con and Fischer put in a strenuous day, breaking trail for 3,000 vertical feet in waist to chest deep snow, digging out the fixed lines that were buried under several feet of fresh powder and working hard to ensure the wellbeing of the team.

Jaahnavi was likely pretty worn out after the long day, as well, since this is the first time we haven’t heard her voice on the audio update. The team will take a very well-deserved rest day at 17,200′ today to continue to acclimatize and prepare their bodies for the push to the summit of Denali!

We wish the best of luck to the team in coming days. Go Jaahnavi!

Here’s Kristin!

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