June 26 Denali Team – Building snowmen at 11,200′, hoping to move up

Climber Daniel Laidig called in with an update on the Mountain Trip June 26 Denali West Buttress Expedition, our last team of the 2016 season, who are holding steady at Camp 2 at 11,200′ due to a consistent and persistent low-pressure system that has brought several feet of snow.

Daniel assures those back home that despite being weathered in at camp at 11,200′ for quite some time now, the team has made it into their temporary home and is not going stir-crazy or insane. We’re glad to hear that the team hasn’t started to develop cabin fever, as spending many hours per day in a tent sleeping and reading during a complete whiteout can certainly start to take a mental toll. Luckily, the team has a sense of humor and each other to keep in good spirits.

The team will likely move up to Camp 3 at 14,200′ today, if they have a break in the snow and wind that has been the normal for the past week. Here’s the route they have been following for the past several days, and hopes to follow up to 13,500′ once they can seize a weather window:
Denali WB route 10K to 13.5K

The call unfortunately cuts off near the end, but here’s Daniel:

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  1. Good to hear from you Daniel! You’ve been at 11.2 for a whole week now. Sounds like the weather may be clearing and some groups moving up today. Hopefully we will hear from you soon higher up. Just watched the DVD of our Kilimanjaro trip. Brought back good memories. We are all praying for you here.

  2. Hope you will still have some fun in Camp II. but also hope for you that the weather will clear.

  3. Babe! So great to hear your voice! Can’t wait to see a picture of your snowman 🙂 Praying God stops the snow and wind like he stopped the raging sea and you can make it up to the summit!! I’m glad everyone is doing well. We all miss you like crazy here!! LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Daniel! It is so great to hear your voice and to know that you all are doing so well. Praying for you and that the weather clears soon! Bless you.

  5. Great to hear you do the team update, Daniel! Hopefully the weather clears soon for you. What an adventure! Wish I could be there with you! Good luck as you continue up the mountain!

  6. Daniel,

    It’s awesome to be following your climb ! Praying for the elements to settle down and allow your team to push forward. I look forward to pictures and hearing about your adventure upon your return ! Happy Trails!

  7. Hi Daniel….just sitting here on lower Lake Nashotah outside of Milwaukee with light rain coming down and 80 degrees. It’s hard to imagine sitting on the mountain watching the snow pile up. Lyn, Joan, Jim and our gangs are praying for your safety, comfort and a break in the weather. Hang in there and I can’t wait to see your photo from the summit. Have a great climb. Howard

  8. Hi Daniel, remember how non-tech I am… tried to leave message earlier, had so much trouble thought forget it but wanted you to know we keep you in our prayers for safety and Gods hand to hold you from harm. Can’t wait to hear all your tales of your experience. Love you Grandpa and Grandma Ritschard

  9. Hey Daniel. What an experience!! I hope the weather clears for you. I’ve seen the mountain a couple of times. What a beauty. Thinking of you – you go guy

  10. Daniel! We’ve been thinking about ya! It sounds like Indiana from November-March there! 😉 People are probably really impressed by your mad snowman making skills. Can’t wait to hear about your adventure!! Good luck bud!

  11. Hi Mands happy to hear that your team is in such good spirits. Hoping and praying that the weather breaks soon and that you can continue to the summit and return safely. Enjoy the rest of your climb. Can’t wait to see your photos. All here in S.A. are waiting for that summit report and send love. Love you lots. Mom xxxxxxx

  12. Daniel, hope you get a break in the weather and can move on soon. I don’t like to think about you sitting in the cold as we melt in the heat here, but that’s the way it is right now! Praying that you will keep safe with the rest of your team. Can’t wait to see the pictures when you get home. Love, Mom

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