Denali May 13th Team – At Camp 1

The team moved up the broad Kahiltna Glacier today, carrying the heaviest loads of the trip roughly five miles (8 km) up glacier.  Well, the route actually started with a descent from Base Camp, down the tributary Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier, following it as it flowed down to meet the main body of the Kahiltna.  Then, the team turned north and began their ascent up a series of rolling hills and moderate rises to the point at which they decided to camp.

The Kahiltna is the longest glacier in the entire Alaska Range, flowing 44 miles from its start about 2500′ above the team’s present camp.  West Buttress climbers will typically hike up about a fifth of its length, as they travel from Base Camp up to just below Kahiltna Pass, before veering east to climb up to the West buttress.  The Kahiltna is basically the approach to the climbing route.

The caller did not identify himself, so if someone could please append a comment and let us know who it is, we’d sure appreciate it!

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  1. Hi Andrew we are thinking of you and the others everyday keep up your spirits love.
    Love Mum & Dad Kiddier

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