May 15 Denali Team – At Base Camp!

Eric Green called in an update form the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier.  The team drove up to Talkeetna, Alaska yesterday, where they were treated to an orientation about climbing Denali by Climbing Rangers from the South District (Talkeetna) Ranger Station, something required of all Denali climbers.  They then weighed all their gear and supplies before loading it all onto planes flown by Talkeetna Air Taxi.

may 15 denaliteam loading aircraft

Under clear skies, the team loaded themselves into ski-equipped aircraft and went “wheels up,” taking off the tarmac in Talkeetna and flying over the surrounding rivers and lakes, en route to the rugged and heavily glaciated Alaska Range.

May 15 Denali team

It looks like they were pretty excited, from one of the photos they sent just before their flight!

Mountain Trip's May 15 Denali Team

After a short while in the air, they arrived at Denali’s Base Camp, located on a tributary glacier of the mighty, 44 mile long, Kahiltna Glacier, the longest in the Alaska Range.

Mountain Trip's May 15 Denali TeamBest of luck to everyone and a special shout out to Eric’s son – congratulations form your friends at Mountain Trip!!

Here’s Eric:

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  1. And here’s a “shout out” to all of you! A special OOOOO-YAAAA to brother Eric…..Happy trails, gang (but leave no trace….)!

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