May 11 West Buttress Team Caches Below Camp 2

Mountain Trip guide Fischer Hazen called in from our May 11 team’s Camp 1 at 7800′ (2377 m).  Today, the team took advantage of clear weather to carry loads of supplies higher on the route, burying their loads in a deep snow pit at about 10,500′ (3200 m).

The morning began with the team climbing up a long, moderately steep slope known as Ski Hill.  This rises just above Camp 1, and leads to a section of the Kahiltna Glacier that is somewhat rolling in nature, as it flows from its start at Kahiltna Pass, at an elevation of 10,350′ (3154 m).  They made a hard right turn and climbed up a bit of the way toward Camp 2 before making their cache.

Here’s Fischer!

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