May 11 Denali Team Moves To Camp 2

The Mountain-Network team moved up from their camp at 2377 m (7800 feet), hiking roughly 7.42 Km (4.5 miles) up the Kahiltna Glacier to their new home for the next few days at 3414 m (11,200′).  It was a clear day and the team made good work of their move.

Unfortunately, one of the team member, Robert Gieling, turned back and was escorted to Base Camp by two Mountain Trip guides, one from another one of our teams.  He flew back to Talkeetna in the company of a third Mountain Trip guide.  Robert is well and in good spirits.  He arrived in Anchorage yesterday afternoon.  Mountain Trip guides Nicole Lawton from the May 11 team and David Nesis from our May 13th team both returned to Camp 1 in the evening and Nicole should catch up with the group on Wednesday.

denali camp 2

The rest of the team is camped in a really pretty basin, with steep snow and ice on three sides and a great view looking out over the tundra stretching to the western horizon.  Huge ice cliffs are to their south, which often turn shades of pink and orange as the sun passes around the mountain to the far north during the brief Alaskan night.


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