DSUSA Denali Team Carried Up To 13,500′

Jason Aldine called in from the basin camp at 11,200′ with an update on the Dsiabled Sports USA Warfighter Challenge Team.  Today, the climbers carried loads of supplies up the steep Motorcycle Hill, which rises immediately outside of their camp.  After a thousand feet of climbing, they took a break before continuing up even steeper sections of climbing as they made their way up what is known as Squirrel Hill.  This brought them alongside the West Buttress proper and, it sound slike it also brought them up and above the clouds that have made up much oft heir word for the past few days.

A gradually rising slope brought them to an iconic feature of the West Buttress route, the infamous Windy Corner.  Here, a steep rocky ridge rise from the glacier and sweeps up thousands of feet to the Buttress.  At this point, the route essentially constricts and passes close to the rocks.  Due to its location at the far west side of the immense South Face of Denali, winds can scream around the corner, often making it impassable.  Not today!

Here is Jason!

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