May 21 Denali Team Backcarried to Camp 2

Niclas Pettersson called in after the team dropped down from their Camp 2 to retrieve the cache of supplies they buried the day before yesterday at about 10,200′ (3110m).  After digging up their cache, they loaded the supplies into their packs and sleds for the hike back to camp at 11,200′ (3400m).

In climber parlance, we call dropping back to retrieve a cache left below your camp, “backcarrying.”  Now they have all their food, fuel and gear with them and enjoyed a nice pizza dinner in camp as a reward for their efforts.  Actually – backcarry days are almost like active rest days, as they were only out working for a couple of hours or so.

Tomorrow, they will carry loads up to an elevation of about 13,500′ (4115m) and once again bury another cache for retrieval after the move up to their Camp 3 site.  Tomorrow will be the first day that they will don crampons, spikes that affix to their boots so as to provide traction on steep or icy slopes.  The route thus far feels something like the approach, but tomorrow, they will start climbing with ice axes, which they will employ for the remainder of their ascent.

Here is Niclas:

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  1. Wyatt, our best wishes for you and the team from Mozambique!! Stay warm and safe. Peter Gus Nancy and Nell.

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