May 18 West Buttress Team – Wx Day, hoping to move to 14-Camp today

Mountain Trip guide Logan DeMarcus called in an update for the May 18 Denali West Buttress team, at Camp Two – 11,200′. They awoke to less than desirable climbing weather yesterday, and decided to stay one more day (hopefully, weather permitting) at 11,200′ before moving to Camp Three at 14,200′. At 14-Camp, they will spend at least one day resting and acclimating to the thinner air of the upper mountain.

The team helped the May 21 team flatten their tent platforms and gave them a “warm” welcome to Camp Two.

At the time of the satellite phone call, they were just sitting down to a hot dinner of fajitas! Unfortunately, the audio update is not cooperating. We will work on it, and hopefully get it posted for you all sometime today.

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