May 25 Denali West Buttress Team — Meet the Climbers!


The May 25 Denali West Buttress Team flew into Denali Base Camp at 7,200′ yesterday with our friends at Talkeetna Air Taxi, from the small, end of the road town of Talkeetna, at the edge of Denali National Park. The climbers met in Anchorage with their guides to discuss the logistics of the route, pack snacks that will help fuel them up the mountain and ensure that their gear will help protect them from the strong sun, high, icy winds and frigid temperatures that the Alaska Range will throw at them.

Today marks the first day official of their 21-day expedition endeavoring to the summit of the tallest peak in North America: Denali, standing at 20,310′.

Let’s meet the climbers!

Fernando Yanez, from Santiago, Chile.
Gabriel Becker, also of Santiago, Chile.
William Barringer, of California, USA.
Jochen Diederichs, traveling from Germany.
Jill Webster, of Colorado, USA.

The Mountain Trip guide team will be led by Dan Starr, who will be assisted by guides Matt Park and Mason Stansfield.

Please keep in mind that if the team doesn’t call in an update from the Alaska Range for a day or two, this does not . We ask everyone to remember the old adage NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS.The team will call in audio via satellite phone whenever they can, but there are places on the mountain with spotty reception (ex: Camp Two at 11,200′) and occasionally the team will be too busy with other tasks. Everyone following along with the expedition is welcomed and encouraged to leave comments and encouragement for your loved ones on the team, but remember that they will not have access to these comments until they return to Talkeetna after the expedition.

Best of luck to all guides and climbers!

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  1. My darling Mason
    I am Sending you love and wishes for blue skies, stable snowpack, and low winds. May the magnificent force within you Godspeed your journey.. I love you I am thinking of you every step of the way.! Go get that Summit!
    Enduringly Lori

  2. I am with you Mason step by step.
    You are strong
    You are smart
    You have grit & endurance.
    You are born to lead and to succeed
    Persist Mason
    Eyes up
    Keep up the steady pace.
    Savor each moment and stick to the code
    “Safety First
    Quality Second
    Production Third”
    Remember to use that “rest step” for your less experienced team members and breath
    Sending love from Utah

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