May 11 Denali Team Poised For The Summit

Fritz Bachmair called in on behalf of the climbers on our May 11 West Buttress expedition.  The team is camped at High Camp, watching the weather in the hopes that they get a break from the gusty winds that have been buffeting the upper mountain.  It has been extremely cold in recent days, so the team is being conservative in their decision making, due to the very low windchill temperatures.  They have plenty of time, so they opted not to push high today.

High Camp is located at 17,200′ (5243m), on a flat bit of the mountain immediately above their previous camp.  Climbers can walk to the edge of camp and look 1000′ (300m) down to the bustling Camp 3 at 14,200′ and beyond.  It is a stunning place, but it is also a difficult place, as the rarefied air makes everything more challenging than at lower elevations.

They have plenty of food and are watching the upper mountain carefully for telltale signs that the winds above might begin to slacken.  In the meantime, they have a great rapport built among their teammates and spirits are high!

Here’s Fritz:

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  1. Jenny

    Fingers crossed and wishing you all lots of sunshine and good weather in general!

  2. Michael Ladstätter

    Fingers crossed here in Vienna, too. There is scientific evidence that Mondays are good summit days, at least that was true for me on Denali and Aconcagua. May it be True for you too. If not, Tuesdays aren’ bad too. Be patient and come back safe! Michael

  3. Martin K

    All my best wishes from Berlin for a summit push tomorrow!

  4. Stefanie

    Fingers crossed! Hope tomorrow is summit time! Berg heil!

  5. Kristin, we are rooting for your team. I’m hoping the weather and wind will allow easy climbing, if EASY is the right word.! Stay safe and come down safely.

    Love G and D Denley

  6. Robin Meek

    So happy and grateful that you made it to the top! Can’t imagine the exhilaration you must have felt…Wow! Praying for a safe descent.

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