June 22 “Big Knots” Team Moves to Camp Two

Lead guide Jesse Wright called in an update on the “Big Knots” team, who were able to make the move up to Camp Two at 11,200′ in spectacular weather! Conditions are looking up for the team as a high pressure system moves back over the Alaska Range, bringing clear skies and sunshine after a few days of wind and snow. The move up to Camp Two was a big day for the team, taking upwards of seven hours at a steady pace with some breaks, moving over five miles and 3,500′ of vertical with heavy sleds and packs. The team is looking forward to making progress up the route over the next few days, planning to cache up around Windy Corner in the next few days.

Here’s Jesse:


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  1. Go Team Big Knots!!! So happy that you all have great weather. The climb sounds grueling but the reward sounds amazing.

    I’m failing at weaning Abby off her paci. At this point, I think we may have already found the “something blue” she’ll need on her wedding day 🙁 Took my mom and the kids to church Sunday. You wouldn’t been proud. No one went screaming into the aisles during the homily and there was only like 30 or so goldfish on the floor when it was all over. After church we went to Olive Garden for lunch and then after we ate the leftovers for dinner we got ice cream (Abbys idea.) We love you and miss you.

  2. Sending positive thoughts to everyone on the Team and especially to Steve and Lara from their favorite fans in Austin, Texas.

  3. We are praying for everyone on the team!🙏 Michael, we just returned from taking Malia to AZ. It’s been a busy few weeks with Kailees Graduation party and a quick trip to Arizona. We look forward to helping Marciela celebrate her upcoming birthday. Be safe and know that you’re in our prayers for a successful climb for you and your team!! We love you!! Mom and Mick

  4. So very proud of my incredible son. He is amazing. My prayers for a safe climb for him as well as all on his team as well as hope for all to reach the summit.

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