Team Big Knots June 22 West Buttress – Back Carry from 11k

Team Big Knots had an active rest day yesterday, going to retrieve their cache at around 10,200′. This is a pretty relaxed day, which gives the team plenty of time to rest after retrieving their cache. The team is in good spirits and looking forward to moving up the mountain!

Here’s team member, Lara:


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  1. Hey Team Big Knots. Nice to virtually meet you Lara! I heard a lot about you and the rest of the team and know you guys are all awesome. Hope to meet you in person one day.

    So proud of you! I want you to know how much I admire all the discipline and hard work you’ve invested into this climb. Can’t wait to get the next report so that I can tell Abby and Alex! We miss you and love you. BTW, it sounds cold. It’s about 85 degrees here. My mom keeps telling me how hot it is which is surprising considering she’s from a climate that’s maybe 116 degrees in the shade.

  2. Hi Michael! It’s good to hear everyone on your team is doing well and in good spirits! Mick and I are so proud of you for all the hard work you’ve done in preparing for this climb. Stay positive and remember we’re all thinking about you and praying you up that mountain to make the summit!! We’re having some pretty warm days here and looks like continued nice weather for the 4th!! We look forward to celebrating Marciela’s birthday with her mom and the kids. We love and miss you!!!!! Mom and Mick😘

  3. Hi daddy,
    So excited to hear all about your adventures. I am looking forward to all the pictures you have taken. I am in India, playing chess & building lego. I’ve started painting on a canvas in my art class. I’m doing a Star Wars theme to match my room in Santa Clara. We miss you.
    Kabir & Mama

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