June 15 Denali Ski Team at High Camp

Lead guide Aaron Diamond called in an update on the Denali Ski Team, who was able to make the move up to High Camp today! Despite the strong, stormy low pressure system in the Alaska Range that has prevailed for the past week, the team has still been making great progress up the route. They are all feeling strong and in great spirits. Good weather is moving back over the mountain once again, and with some luck the team will have their chance to head to the summit with their skis/snowboards!

The West Buttress route, from camp at 14,200′, heads gradually uphill across the basin to suddenly ramp up at the steep headwall. From there, the team headed up the fixed lines, about 1,000′ directly up in one push to hit the ridge. This certainly would be more challenging with skis on your back in addition to all of your other gear. The team is now settling in to their new home at High Camp. We wish them the best of luck for their upcoming summit push!

Here’s Aaron:


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  1. Praise God you’ve made it to high camp! Prayers for a safe and successful summit and return down! I love you Zach! Can’t wait to hear all about this fantastic trip!

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