June 9 West Buttress Team – Making Moves to High Camp!

Mountain Trip lead guide Eli Potter called in an update for the June 9 West Buttress team, who finally had the chance to move camp up to 17,200′ High Camp! The team made a strong push up the steep headwall above 14-Camp and the fixed lines to reach the aesthetic, sweeping 16,000′ ridge that leads to High Camp. The team battled 40 mph winds as they moved along the ridge, while clipping through fixed protection. This is no easy feat under normal circumstances, and especially so after 10 days of being mostly sedentary inside their tents. Eli is a longtime guide for us, and lives in Alaska year round. He mentions that this was one of the longer stints that he has spent weathering a storm in a particular camp. The team will hopefully have the chance to make their summit push if the weather allows.

The team is showing impressive grit through the challenging circumstances.

Here’s Eli with the update, have a listen here:


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  1. Still pulling for you Ross and Eli. Weather looks like it’s not been your friend. Hopefully you get the break you deserve. Accomplish what you set out to do and as your friend in Texas says F ollow the mountain! Walk softly down low. We continue to send good karma and positive thoughts to you and the mountain.

  2. Hi Eli, I hope you and the team get the weather you need for the summit push. Thanks for all the trip updates. Wishing you safe travels and sending all my love. From one of your favorite little sisters 😉

  3. Love following your adventures Eli. Had a great visit with your dad. Good luck with the summit. Steve potter

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