May 14 Team Caches at 16,200′

The Stokemaster strikes again, give this entertaining report a listen! Grant calls in from Camp 3 around 14,000′ (4267m) to let us know that the May 14 team has put in a cache on the ridge at 16,200′ (4937m). They had a character building time on the fixed lines, encountering blue ice, steep snow, and a bit of weather as well. The team proved their fortitude and good attitude and crushed the day. Back in time for some salmon alfredo for dinner of champions. Spirits are high and the journey continues to get more and more exciting as the team contemplates their move to High Camp and beyond. Today they are taking a well deserved rest day in preparation for the next step. They will keep a keen eye on the weather and conditions to inform their decision. Great job team, keep up the good work!

climbers on denali headwall

Climbers from a Mountain Trip team in 2021 navigate the bergschrund and start oup the fixed lines.

Grant “Stokemaster” here:


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  1. So impressed and beyond proud!! Big love for all the team; take good care of our boy Matty Mills!

  2. This looks amazing! salmon Alfredo for a birthday dinner sounds delicious! Happiest of birthdays to the best man we know. Love you lots Brett!

    Max, Rainier and Roman say Bobba Fett (Bonne Fete) We can’t wait to see you, hug you and celebrate you! Stay safe!!!

  3. Go Logan and team. Logan, your expertise and guidance will lead your team to a safe and rewarding adventure. Let’s hope the weather holds and your entire team will reap the benefits. Safe journey to all.

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