May 8 Team Moves to High Camp

The May 8 team successfully moved to High Camp at 17,200′ (5242m) yesterday! They are the first Mountain Trip team of the year (well, also the first Mountain Trip team on the mountain) to make it to High Camp! When they arrived, camp was pretty barren. So rather than use some old snow walls or snow tent platforms the team had to build everything from the ground (snow) up, which is a lot of work anywhere but especially at that elevation in hard packed snow. High Camp does not tend to be the most comfortable place to hang out, which is why teams wait for that splitter weather window before moving up there. Typically after the move teams will take a day to rest before their summit attempt, but this schedule is always in flux depending on conditions. The weather for this week is looking pretty good so far, and after sticking their heads out of the tent this morning, the team will have made a decision on whether to make their summit bid today or not.

A 2021 photo of High Camp!

The team is feeling good and in high spirits. The route is reported to be in great condition right now. Can’t wait to hear from the team tonight!


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  1. Way to go Team!!! Rest up and safe journey to the summit! Can’t wait to hear all about it tomorrow!!!

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