May 11 Team Caches at 16,200′

The May 11 team headed up the fixed lines yesterday to what we call the “16 Ridge” (simply because it is a ridge of the mountain at 16,000′). Just above the saddle of this ridge at 16,200′ (4937m) the team dug in their last cache. This views from up here are phenomanal and I’m sure the team got very excited for their summit attempt. Once the cache was buried successfully, the team descended the fixed lines back to Camp 3 and enjoyed, I’m sure, a delicious meal. This morning their plan was to wake up and take a final look at the weather to determine if they would move to High Camp and set themselves up for a summit attempt.

A photo from a 2021 team, taken on the 16 Ridge.


Not sure who it is but if you do, comment below!


We also have a second recording from the team wishing a Happy Happy Birthday to Sarah Thomas!


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