May 11 Team Rest Day at Camp 3

Guide Chloe Slack called in for the May 11 team last night. The team took a well deserved rest day at Camp 3. Chloe reports the team is good, feeling strong, and has had good weather. Rest days at Camp 3 are used to practice technical skills, such as how to ascend the fixed lines and how to use snow pickets for running belays. These days are also used to eat lots of food, drink lots of water, get some rest, or walk out to the Edge of the World, at the edge of Camp 3. This will help the team set themselves up to move to High Camp, and the final decision to do so will be made as they watch the weather.

A view from the Edge of the World which drops a dramatic 6,000′ to the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier

Chloe here:


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