May 17 Team – Dispatch from Camp 1

Climber Tim from the May 17 team called in last night from their group’s second night at Camp 1 7,800 ft (m) to report that they are right on schedule with their trip plan! We love to hear it. Morning fog allowed the team to sleep in a bit then brunch on croissants, lox, and brie – yum!

When the visibility improved the team was able to pack up loads that were only half as heavy as Day 1 and move their extra supplies up the mountain to their cache site at 10,200 ft. It took the team about 3.5 hours of climbing which Tim says was much easier than the first day but, still challenging.

These “active rest days” where the team doesn’t move camps but still gets some climbing and acclimatization in at a higher elevation are essential to the team’s fitness on the West Buttress. It’s all about legs and lungs, as they say!

On the return to the camp chef & lead guide, Karl prepared homemade pizzas in the cook tent, a well-earned reward before bedding down early to rest and prepare for tomorrow. Tim sends his love to Ally and the family back home. More to come!


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  1. TIM!!! And Team! So great to hear this awesome update – everyone back home has you in their thoughts and is so excited to hear about the progress. Hoping for continued great conditions, clear skies, and little to no wind. We’re all rooting for you and so proud.
    Love you bud, Ally

    p.s. your roommates miss you too

  2. This is Mary; Tim’s Mom …So great to hear your voice Tim and what a great report! I was sitting with Ally when I listened and it made my day! Wishing the May 17 team continued good days and a safe and successful summit to all on the mountain! Sounds like some good eating is happening up there!

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