May 10 Team – Arrived at Camp 3!

Mountain Trip guide Boas called in last night with the excellent news that after eleven days on the mountain, the May 10 team has arrived at Camp 3 14,200 ft (4328 m)! Their radio recording is a bit choppy but, from what we can gather the team made the journey in really good weather and enjoyed solid travel conditions.

Weather has been temperamental with fresh snow last night and fog this morning but, luckily the skies cleared just as the team was leaving camp. The crew of climbers remains well-fed, in good shape, and is getting stronger every day as they become accustomed to their new routine of life climbing the West Buttress.

Today they will enjoy a well-earned rest day at “14 camp” taking in the views of the higher sections of the route above them. This is not only beautiful but, motivating.  Anticipation is high for the team’s next moves up the mountain!


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  1. Hey Max, glad to hear the weather cleared and that you are able to see some spectacular views! Love you!

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