May 17 Team – Sun Tanning at Camp 1

Our May 17 crew was granted safe passage and “solid glacier conditions” on the first leg of their journey from basecamp 7,200 ft to Camp 1 7,800 ft. This is a great dispatch to listen to as the team is off to a very strong start with incredible weather and a “legendary crew” that is already forming an awesome team dynamic that will serve them well higher up on the route! After digging in and setting up camp the team enjoyed the clear skies with some suntanning.

As funny as that sounds, Denali weather deals in extremes and it can feel very beach-like! So much so that when the sun reflects off the bright, white snow surface it can reflect back resulting in sunburns and even snow blindness if climbers fail to properly protect themselves. Because of this, it is very common to see the majority of climbers with “solar nose guards”. Drop us a comment below if you’re familiar with these!

The team dined on chicken tenders for dinner and is thriving! Sending love to everyone back home as they rest up and prepare to ascend further up the mountain tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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  1. Fantastic to get your daily updates and to hear everyone is doing so well . Much love from the Hunter girls . Paula xxx

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