May 7 Private Team – Safe Return to Basecamp

We are thrilled to hear that climber Graeme and his guides were able to safely downclimb from Camp 2 11,000 ft (3353 m) to Denali Basecamp 7,200 ft (2194 m). Upon arrival guides Jesse and Patrick got to work digging out a tent platform so that they would have a flat place to bed down later in the evening. Graeme reports that he did his part by adding the finishing touches using his snowshoes to pack down the snow – nice work, Graeme!

After a good dinner, all that’s left for this team to do is reflect on the massive progress they were able to make and patiently wait for the weather window that will allow them to fly back to Talkeetna. It’s truly a full-circle journey on Denali and we know these climbers will be coming back stronger, more experienced versions of themselves than when they arrived. That personal growth is truly what counts in the mountains.

The weather is looking good to fly Monday. The team will keep us updated until then!


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