May 7 Team – Returns to Camp 3

Anna called in from Camp 3 at 14,200 ft (4,300m) yesterday. After spending some time at 17,200ft (5242m). The weather forecast was not favorable for a summit attempt, but the team was able to descend back to Camp 3 ahead of any possible incoming weather. They enjoyed a great dinner of mash potatoes and sausage last night after descending the fixed lines back into camp. They will be keeping an eye on the weather forecast to determine when they will continue their descent back to base camp.

Here’s Anna!


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  1. Hey, the May 7th Team gave it their all and left it all on the Mountain. Putting safety first is always, always the right decision. Even though you didn’t summit, Max, you advised you learned some key techniques that will come in handy for the next climb.

    Relieved you and the team made it safely back. To the next climb!


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