May 17 Team – Backcarry to Windy Corner

Martin called in last night to update us from Camp 3 yesterday. Backcarry days are seen as an active rest day, because they are typically only a few hours and lighter loads. Today the team hiked down with relatively empty backpacks from 14,200′ (4,300m) to their cache at Windy Corner which is about 1,000′ below Camp 3. They dug their cache out of the snow, packed it into their packs, and hiked 1,000′ back up to Camp 3 for the day.

With the remainder of their day, they spent their time preparing for incoming weather by building protective snow walls around their tents. Using a saw, the team cut blocks out of the snow to stack on top of each other forming sturdy walls that will help protect their tents from possible high winds.

Coming up, the team will keep an eye on the weather as they evaluate when they should cache at 16,000′ and move to High Camp.

Here’s Martin!


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  1. Nice on Marty, good to hear your voice. Sounding strong and positive. All the best for the next 4-5 daze.

    Pi & Louis

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