May 13 Team – Success on the Fixed Lines

Climber David called in the days dispatch for our May 13 Team. Tap the recording link below to hear his full update if you are following along with Davids’s climb!

We’re psyched to hear that this team successfully ascended the fixed lines on the Headwall topping out at 16,100 ft (4907 m) where they were able to cache their extra gear.

They will pick up this cache when they make their big move to High Camp 17,200 ft (5242 m) in the coming days when the guides are confident they have an adequate weather window to make their summit attempt. Our first two Mountain Trip teams of the season summited yesterday so the outlook is looking good & we have our fingers crossed that the weather will hold!

David reports that “almost everyone” loved the technical climbing involved in the fixed lines but, that all of the team remains in good spirits and is enjoying getting to know one another. Sending lots of love to friends and family at home. These climbers can’t wait to show you the photos they took today!


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