West Rib Team – Back In Anchorage, Mostly…

The majority of the West Rib team arrived back in Anchorage yesterday, 22 days after departing for the glacier.  The climbers did well, but were stymied by a rough stretch of weather that unfortunately, denied them any opportunity to get high on Denali.  A good friend once told me that, “Luck is when timing and preparation come together.”  This team was very well prepared, but unfortunately the timing of their approach to the route was not aligned with Mother Nature’s plans to settle a serious storm over the mountain.

Lead Guide Constantine Severis is still on the glacier at Base Camp, having remained behind when the one plane departed on Monday.  We’ll ask him to post a recap of the trip when he eventually gets back to town.

Well done guys.  I’m sorry the weather did not allow you to get higher on the route, but hopefully, you had an enjoyable time in the Alaska Range.

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