Denali Update- Planes are Flying!

Well, they say that one thing you can count on with the weather is that it will always change.  The stormy, snowy weather that has taken up residence over much of the Alaska Range has released its icy hold and planes are flying!  All of our teams that have been stuck at Base Camp are flying to Talkeetna, and those enjoying the rainy days of late in Talkeetna are headed to the glacier.

Teams flying off the glacier are:

  • May 22 West Buttress Team
  • UAE #2 Team (+ the remaining UAE #1 climbers John Doyle and Hashel Al Tunaji)
  • Constantine Severis from our West Rib Team

Teams flying onto the glacier are:

  • June 8 Private team led by Sebastian Grau
  • June 9 Gigi’s Legacy Team
  • June 9 Private Team led by Eric Larson

This has been a lengthy stretch of rough weather and I’m certain every climber involved is happy to be in motion, one direction or the other!

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  1. Rich, I am so glad you are on the way. I received responses today from Dan Hartline KT/friend “Thanks Jean… I will follow your son’s progress with enthusiasm”: Jim Pitts “Keep me posted”: Maxine Harris cousin “How exciting it must be for him and YOU. Bet you’re one anxious mother, though hun? Keep me posted on his progress”: Joe Webb “My best wishes to Rich on this adventure!” Larry Crawford KT “I never knew Rich was into Mountain climbing! That is very exciting. I wish him and his team lots of luck and will pray for him”: Fred Williams KT: What a great adventure. Best of luck to Rich.”: Bill Crider Best of luck to Rich!” They will know soon you are on you way. My wishes are for good weather. I love you, Mom

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