Fortified with a breakfast of eggs, bacon, and hash browns, the Upper West Rib team is headed out for a “leg-stretcher” ski  today. The team has been hunkered down at 14 Camp for just about a week as  storms moved through the Alaska range. While it’s a clear day today at 14 Camp, the team can see the heavy winds at higher altitude blowing snow off the ridges above 14 Camp. The weather today will not allow the team to move higher on the route, but it’s good enough to get outside the tent and move around a bit. PI reports that the team is comfortable at 14 Camp, but it sounds like they are ready to keep moving up!


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  1. Good job team. Well prepared, training, planning, skills etc. and ultimately passion; your small team have everything you can possibly need. I pray for friendly wheather so that the team can reach the goal. Good luck.

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