UPPER WEST RIB May 27 Team Final Post

Hi Scot and friends,

Of all my 17 trips on Denali,  ours was the most challenging  ever. From our 5 day delay doing the Talkeetna hang in the beginning, relentless wind and snow on the upper mountain, to the final descent in a white out; mother nature had no mercy.  Despite the weather hardships I have some wonderful memories.  Skiing roped thru knee deep pow, climbing up on the rib in and out of the clouds, camping at 16300 ft high camp, not to mention a few hours of fine dining and cards in our cook tent. Back in the Green zone I almost feel like a slightly different person. Every Denali trip I have ever been on has sent me down the road feeling humbled yet stronger in character mentally.  Let’s give thanks for the opportunity  to learn and gain strength from the mountains.  Happy Trails,  PI

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