June 5 – Japan 8 8 Team Calls From the Summit of Denali!!!

Lead guide Eli Potter, Keizo, and Mr. Ishikawa called in from the very top of North America!  The team climbed well today and they are on the summit of Denali!  They had a very clear day, with light winds, and the view from the top is absolutely amazing.

Congratulations to the climbers!!!


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  1. Congratulations Japan 88 team!
    I am very happy to hear this good news. I had some kind of bravery from
    your adventure. Please keep safety climbing to back .
    I am looking forward to hearing your adventure story!

  2. We now understand one of our Japanese visitors dropped to lower elevation due to mountain sickness, and was escorted down by Zac. He gets an A+ for trying!

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