Back Carry For June 13 Team

Hui Ling and Christiaan called in the team’s report today. The climbers made a back carry today, meaning that they dropped back down to the site of their last supply cache at about 13,500′, dug it up from the snow and carried the supplies back up to 14 Camp.  This makes for a pretty easy day, and is somewhat like an active rest day.  Such days help climbers acclimatize and also allow us to move all the requisite gear and food uphill to sustain a 3-week climb.  It sounds like the team has a good dynamic, and thee climbers are enjoying the expedition. Tomorrow the plan is to move a cache of equipment and supplies up the “headwall” section of the climb to approximately 16,000′.

West Buttress route

Looking up from 14,200′ towards the ridge leading to High Camp


Camp 3

Looking down at 14,200′ camp from the base of the Headwall, the steep slope that leads to the ridge, which takes climbers to high camp.


Here’s Hui Ling and Christiaan:


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