June 13 Denali Team – Cached at 16,400′

Matt from Australia called in from 14,200′, after the team climbed up the steepest part of the West Buttress route to put in their final cache of their climb.  The Headwall, as it is known, rises to 16,200′ and climbers crest it after climbing a couple hundred meters of 40-45 degree terrain.  Two lengths of rope are strung up this icy face, providing some protection to climbers who clip into those “fixed lines” with ascenders (glorified rope clamps) that are in turn tethered to their harnesses.

The team did very well today and everyone is excited to have this crucial cache in place.  Now, they have only to climb past that cache to High Camp tomorrow or the next day, and then wait for a decent summit day to make their bid.

Matt was cut off a bit prematurely, due to the satellites transmitting the call losing the signal, but with no further ado, here he is!


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  1. Hey Matt! Great to hear from you again. Some sporting updates from Neil – Australia out of Football World Cup, QLD lost Origin and Wallabies smashed France. Hope the weather stays good for your summit. Make a little snowman for us and throw a snowball! Talk soon, Kelly and Neil

  2. Hey hey Matteo! Love Kel and Neil’s comments! Awesome to hear that the Team is heading for high camp soon. So cool! It has been cold in Brisbane, but I am sure no where near as cold as Denali – so can’t really complain! All the best for the next big haul up to High Camp! Love Candy xoxox

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