May 10 Everest Expedition calls from Base Camp

Everest icefall

Vanessa called in to HQ early this morning for a quick update on Mountain Trip’s Everest Expedition, who have successfully returned to Base Camp after a round of acclimatization. Before descending, they had reached their highest point to date, above Camp 2.

The team awoke and began to prepare for their descent at 4 a.m., departing Camp 2 for Base Camp at around 5 a.m., just before first light. Vanessa mentioned that they made good timing once again passing through the Khumbu Icefall.

They will spend a couple of rest days in relative luxury at lower elevation before starting back up Everest in hopes of gaining the summit. Vanessa reports that the group is feeling “strong, healthy and positive,” and that they appreciate the encouragement that they’ve been receiving from those watching from home. The team has already had the chance to enjoy hot showers and a freshly-cooked meal at Base Camp, and seems to be in high spirits.

To listen to Vanessa’s dispatch, click below:

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  1. Go Vanessa ! ! ! Get pictures at top. Good luck Vanessa and Greg, make that 7th summit

    Getting in any Mr Wizard during your time at EBC ??

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