May 6 Denali Team Update

The May 6 Denali West Buttress team called in yesterday evening from Camp 1 with an update on their trip’s progress. After caching some supplies higher up on the route to lighten their load for the climb, the team returned to Camp 1 to spend the night before beginning the next round of their ascent and acclimatization process. They fortunately had calm and clear weather, and are all still undoubtedly in awe of the beauty of the massive peaks surrounding them on all sides.


The call, from guide Jeff Dobronyi, cuts off about halfway through, unfortunately. His first call attempt was completely unintelligible. As always, satellite phone communication remains a tricky endeavor with those camped out on a remote glacier in the middle of the immense Alaska Range. We’ll continue to post updates as we receive them.

Here’s Jeff checking in from camp:

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  1. Hey Brent-
    Sorry to bother you, but can I borrow $20 until you get back?
    Stay safe, Brent, have a great time, and SUMMIT!

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