May 12 West Rib Expedition – Meet the Climbers!

The May 12 private Denali West Rib Expedition has officially made it safely to the Last Frontier! The team met up in Anchorage and is now en route to Talkeetna where they will soon catch a plane to the Kahiltna Glacier to begin their ascent of this demanding route. Denali’s West Rib is a serious mountaineering objective, not to be taken lightly; the route is often regarded as one of the most challenging and rewarding alpine climbs in North America. (To read more about Mountain Trip’s guided expedition and route up the West Rib, visit our trip itinerary.)


This expedition will be comprised of Mountain Trip guides and one climber. The climber, Seth Schwimmer from Denver, Colorado, is an experienced alpinist with an affinity for big mountains. On his quest for the 7 Summits, Seth opted to take the route less traveled to the top of North America and has already successfully climbed three of the seven highest peaks in the world, including Mount Elbrus, Aconcagua and Kilimanjaro. Seth will be guided by Pablo Puruncajas and Juliana Garcia, both of whom are accomplished climbers and mountaineers and are certified through the Ecuadorian Association of Mountain Guides (ASEGUIM).

We will continue to post updates that the team sends us from the field as we receive them. Best of luck to Seth, Pablo and Juliana!


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