May 13 Everest Expedition Dispatch

It was a beautiful day for a hike above Basecamp! After another delicious breakfast, we headed down the glacier and up the West side of the Khumbu Valley to a little 18,000ft high point overlooking Everest base camp and with amazing views of the upper slopes of Mount Everest. It looked like a pretty windy day up high, even from down at our level we could see plumes of snow curling off the high ridges of Everest. A few more climbers have summited, or attempted to in recent days, which adds to the anticipation down here at BC. We’ve got our entire climbing team, Sherpa climbers included, here at Basecamp now, resting and ready to head up on our summit push in just a few days! For now we are remaining patient and carefully watching the detailed weather forecasts that we receive daily, to help us pick the best summit day. Bill Allen Owner/Guide Mountain Trip International Sent from my iPhone from Everest

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