May 22 Team Back Carried to 11,200′

Part of our British Contingent called in to update us on today’s work.  The team had a rough night with strong gusts of wind, but they still pushed to get their supplies into camp.

After a hearty breakfast, they descended about 600′ to the site where they had left their cache a couple days ago.  After digging it up, they carried their provisions back to camp at 11,200′.  In the afternoon, they practiced crampon technique, with they will need to use tomorrow, when they move their cache up to about 13,500′.

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  1. Hey dad!
    Yay great to hear your voice and hear that you’re doing well and on schedule. Told you, that you was prepared enough for this mountain, you’ve got this! Hope you have plenty of snacks left. It seems to be looking more likely that you’ll summit… Which at some point seemed wasn’t very likely. Your little munchkin of a grandbaby is showing more of her little personality everyday what can I say you weren’t wrong…. Her temper…. Definitely has some of that ginger gene .

    We love you and miss you and our “10min” FaceTimes ha.

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