May 28 Denali Team – Meet the Team!

Our seventh Denali team of the 2016 season is meeting this morning in Anchorage, Alaska!

This team has traveled from afar to joins us in the the Alaska Range.  It is really fun to meet new friends with a common interest and a shared goal, and a Denali ascent requires a love of wild places and a determination to help achieve that goal.  Despite their regional differences, these climbers will work hard together for the next 2-3 weeks, pushing themselves and learning a lot about big, cold mountains, as they work to climb to the top of North America’s highest mountain.

Here are the climbers:

Roland Yearwood joins us from Alabama, USA

Mark Cadman has traveled from Scotland

Agnus Caithness is from Western Australia

Peter Whitfield is from England

Mike Hopkins is from Wales


The Mountain Trip Guide Team consists of:

Constantine Sevaris from Colorado

Josh Garner from Washington

Fischer Hazen from Colorado


The team will spend today in Anchorage finalizing their preparations for the climb.  Tomorrow, they will drive a couple hours north to the small town of Talkeetna, Alaska, where they will first attend an orientation provided to all Denali climbers by our National Park Service.  After that, they will pack up their kit and fly to the glacier, if the weather permits.  The weather looks pretty good in Talkeetna, but the on-mountain weather has been pretty rough, so our fingers are crossed that they will be able to fly to base camp, at 7,200′ on the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier.

Please note that our Colorado-based office staff will be on the cusp of connectivity for the next 72 hours, so our ability to update audio posts called in by teams might be limited.  We will be fully back online Monday evening, but ask for some patience and understanding, if we are not as quick to post for the next few days.  Thanks!!!

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  1. Good Luck Mike: have my fingers and toes crossed for you in the hope you have a better experience than Everest last year. Love you from Sarah, Casper and Tia xx

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