May 22 Team Caches at 13,500′

The team reported after carrying loads up and around “Windy Corner,” to about 13,500′.


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  1. Hi Brian,
    It is wonderful to hear your voice!! You just made my day a very happy one. We have been watching the Mountain Trip reports–checking throughout the day. I hope the weather is getting better — stay warm and eat lots of goodies. I know that you are working hard to accomplish your goals together as a team You are all amazing! Today is a quiet Sunday here in Plymouth. On Monday I plan to attend the Memorial Day Parade. Thinking of you ALWAYS!
    Lots of love, Grandma

  2. hallo,martin, its challenging, isn’t it?
    the harder it is theprouder you wii be once back! we wish all of you thatthe wheatherwillhave a turn. good climbing. momanddad.

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