Notice For All Denali Dispatch Followers – Expectation Management

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to give you a heads up that for the next 72 hours, we might not be able to edit the auto-posted “audio posts” that are generated when our climbing teams call in dispatches from the field.  A brief lapse in our website management might result in us not having staff in a place where they can make those edits until Monday evening.

We are offering this in the hopes that you’ll understand that some times, we just can’t be everywhere that we want to be, and this is one of those occasions.  This post is designed to manage your expectations of our ability to update posts for the next 72 hours.  Hopefully, we’ll exceed our own expectations and keep the flow of editing and posting flowing, but it looks like that might be tough.

Our Alaska Operations Director is in place, communicating with each team on a daily basis and available to them on a 24/7 basis, but our Colorado-based admin team will be on the cusp of connectivity.  We will have sporadic communication with our Alaska-based team, and will shift gears very quickly, should any situation arise, but we just might not be able to edit posts for a few days.

The weather on the mountain continues to look pretty unfavorable for a while…  High winds are predicted at and above 14,200′, so it is doubtful that our teams at the big 14 Camp will be going anywhere, anytime soon.  I do suspect that our May 18 and 22nd teams will pull into 14 Camp shortly, so there will be a ton of Mountain Trippers getting to know one another over the weekend!

Thanks so much for your understanding with all of the above.

Best wishes this Memorial Day weekend,

Todd Rutledge

Guide/Director, Mountain Trip International

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  1. Checking often to get any news on how things are going. Keep the faith!!! This is quite an experience!!!! I will be glad to hear ur voice. As always stay safe everyone. Xoxo

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