May 30 Team feeling healthy at Camp 3

Lead Guide Scott Woolums called in with an update on the May 30 West Buttress Expedition. The team is still at Camp 3 at 14,200′, with their cache all set on the ridge to High Camp for when they move higher. The team went for a short hike towards the West Rib Route for some exercise, and everyone is feeling healthy and ready to move higher.

The only hindrance to their progress now, as with other teams at 14-Camp, is the weather. Teams are apprehensive about moving to High Camp with high winds in the forecast, but the team will be prepared to go if the forecast proves to be incorrect.

Scott and team are hoping for a summit attempt on Thursday, weather permitting.

Here’s Scott with the update:

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    • Vamos equipooo!!…, ya están listos para el ataque!!.., un gran abrazo, suerte y mucha fuerza para el jueves!!!., cuídense ….

  1. Junten fuerza, que tengan una buena ventana, y logren la cumbre el Jueves… Ya no queda nada animo y convicción en la recta final.

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