June 5 Denali Team Update: No wind at Windy Corner and good eats

Dave Ladd, a client on the June 5 Denali West Buttress Expedition

He said that the team enjoyed the Mountain Trip classic, Denali Sandwiches (toasted “everything” bagel with cream cheese and fried pork sausage, mmm, mmm!) at “Karl’s Jr.,” which we’re assuming means that guide Karl Welter was head chef for the day.

The team cached food and supplies above the infamous Windy Corner, the crux of the route between Camp 2 at 11,200′ and Camp 3. They went as high as 13,500′.

Dave said that they had no wind whatsoever, spectacular weather and views for miles over the vast Alaska Range.

He mentioned that the team was excited to return to “Karl’s Jr.” that evening, where they would be enjoying more culinary delights cooked up by the Mountain Trip guides Ben and Karl; this time, pepperoni pizza, high-alpine style. There’s nothing quite like a good, hot meal to keep spirits high and bodies working hard at altitude on Denali!

The team hopes to push for 14-Camp tomorrow, and of course, to keep enjoying delicious meals. It’s looking like the high-pressure system in the Range will hold, which means lots of movement for our teams on the West Buttress Route.

Here’s John with the update:

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