June 1 Denali Expedition holding at 14,200′

Mountain Trip lead guide Jacob Schmitz called in with an update on the June 1 Denali West Buttress Expedition.

The team is still at Camp 3 at 14,200′. A large wind event is forecasted for today, with 50 to 75 mph winds at 17,000′, which Jacob said (and we agree) “is not very fun” at High Camp. High Camp doesn’t offer as much protection from the wind as other camps lower on the mountain, and tends to receive a pretty heavy blow when storms roll through the Alaska Range.

The team is taking time to rest and wait for a window of good weather before they push to 17,200′ up the fixed lines. For now, they’re enjoying good food and a bit of down time before they head higher up the mountain on the West Buttress Route.

Here’s Jacob:

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